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This man caused a loss of Boeing’s $ 2 billion

This man caused a loss of Boeing's $ 2 billion

Iraqi farmer Ali Obeid Mnkash caused a loss of US Boeing Co. for around $ billion after the appearance of defects in manufacturing as a result of dropping pilot Apache rifle type Brno Czech-made.

 The Iraqi farmer Ali Obeid Mnkash reason for the loss of American Boeing Company for one billion and 971 million dollars after the cancellation of four deals signed by the company to sell the pilot to India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Hungary and Germany Dah But Tanih countries Zi Pakistan asked returns the pilot and recover their money.

Affection after much Moknèche stroke of luck that he drops the pilot Apache American old rifle Brno Czech-made type, showed a geometric defect in armor flying pig by the engineers at the manufacturer Boeing, Vtaiarh fell after an injury cruiser helicopter and Elly were designed Ahan withstand the presence of portable light rockets on the shoulder .

Ali Obaid Mnkash


Farmer and young dependents as much as he captures the pilots’ affection who form a fatal blow to the reputation of the US military and its weapons who were Atgahmr according to what was Btroyj les machine media US, either a simple farmer after less than a year and almost in 2004 was found dead near Karbala with at least two of his sons and the son of his brother after being kidnapped and tortured at the hands of the Iraqi death, who was made by US intelligence teams.