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This job will bring you $ 100 in two hours

The job will bring you $ 100 in two hours

A British company called Rent Momir «Rent a Mourner» announced a company that specializes in propaganda funeral celebrations bid farewell to the dead, opened the door for employment and join the company salary starts from 70 and up to $ 100 in just two hours in a strange function of its kind, but won many in Britain’s impressive but it is surprising that this function, which we will talk about in detail does not work out only those who are older and women on the public often, and will not accept young people and this is the obstacle that stands in front of the company.

About Occupation:

Everyone is waiting to hear about the function of dreams that bring dollars in just two hours, and in the job details are to be tenancy to attend  the funeral  and cry which died of the departure of the person who died, and must you show extreme sadness I do not mind crying Alheiestiri because it will bring you more money will be Contact your specifically to perform this difficult task, and after the end of this task is the company ‘s customer service by contacting the relatives of the deceased person to evaluate your performance during the funeral and did you do your part to the fullest or that the service were not at the required level.

In the end, either get a financial reward for your performance of your duties well or get principled salary that we mentioned at the beginning of the subject, and jokes that these people are their use in cases of death belonging to prominent figures of society and known personalities which raises the eyebrows of many, where he explained CEO of Rent Maumere that the class that deals with the company is characterized by its high position the center of the community because the cost of this service is very high as a per capita rate that is sent to $ 200 and the minimum number is sent to the funeral of a deceased person 20 people with more and this number significantly on the average family or the simple The.