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Skinning, boiling and extract viscera .. brutal torture stories

Skinning, boiling and extract viscera .. brutal torture pictures

All the communities Ptstkhaddm torture Ahan stop criminals and spend Ahan on the traitors, violin was Bastkhaddmh dictators, Ahan spend on their opponents and intimidate their people Ahan take over power:


And has one of the most outrageous ways of execution, were Berbtoa accused over his head Aidan and then flogged Askhawa a neighborhood, from the first face placidly, the most famous example of the topic de Elly killing the philosopher Hypatia group of militants in Alexandria Slkhuha using live sharp shells.



Bejrdoa accused of Hdomoh, then Bihdfuh in Miliana boiler water or oil or tar or wax or wine or dissolved lead, and they Bastkhaddmwa the way he has in such a place in Europe and Asia.




The way he has appeared in China around the year 900 AD, and Atmanat in 1905, and was Ptstkhaddm against the worst criminals, they Bastkhaddmwa knife sharp Ahan cut meat, and they were accused of Baidoa Avion Ahan chopping Asthml A piece of meat from his body.



  Chainsaw Sector

They were Bastkhaddmoha in the Middle Ages, were Abierul accused of his feet and start cutting chainsaw from the body text, until the body remains texts, then Legge role on the head who Pincroha texts cooled Ahan die accused after a severe punishment, and the way he has Ptstkhaddm in the Romanian Empire.

Chainsaw Sector

 Catherine Wheel

Basmoha cooled wheel refractors, were Bastkhaddmoha in the Middle Ages, they Berbtoa the offender in a huge wheel Ahan eat birds, and Imo within two or or three, either stayed if they were we want the Les mercy of the slow death They were Peixroa bone chest and neck Ahan die along.

Catherine Wheel



It means terrifying were Bastkhaddmoha to punish thieves and criminals, in particular, accused of rape, was accused while and remove disemboweled by his crime, especially the abdominal organs, and spread the punishment has in England, Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium, and was in Japan Basisaloa the intestines and Bespoh after Eachd infection and die, either in the Middle Ages They were Bevthawwa abdomen and answer rats and rodents Ahan eat from the bowels of the accused.

Asisal stomach


 Penalty Balkhazouk

And has the ugliest sanctions although it rare Makanwa Binfdhuha, were Badechloa Alasaih or pile of any aspect of the body or from the anus or mouth or any other place and was widespread in England, Germany, Russia, Romania and South East Asia in the Middle Ages, and months people died the way Suleiman al-Halabi who has Akboh Ahan killed Kleber, violin was widespread in the 15th century in Romania the third time of Vlad the Impaler who is known Bdrakula, and who Atqal that 80 thousand people have been killed the way he has.

Torture Balkhazouk


 Murder by running over

Spread the way he has in Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam over 4,000 years who missed was Bihtoa the head of the accused on a rock elephant huge Ahan and answer tramples upon his feet who before, after CDDA Attort and remained a rock Btaataht on the chest of the accused Ahan prevent him from breathing.

Run over elephants


 Torture mice

They Bastkhaddmwa the way he has in the Middle Ages in China, were Batbhetwa caged mice over the body of the accused and Ihtoa fond of coal above the cage and in the cage Baschena Hawa, Ahan Ykhovoa rats who cut in the body of the grace of the accused Ahan escape from fire

Torture -balviran


 Death honey

Use the method that has the Persians, they Berbtoa the offender between the two boats in a lake or pond, Adhnoa his body with milk and honey Ahan lure Les Dubban insects and Bespoa insects eat the body and degrade eggs until she dies after days or weeks.

Torture honey

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