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Kuwaiti child dead in crane’s fall

Kuwaiti child dead in crane’s fall

An 8-year-old Kuwaiti girl died after a crane fell on a chalet in Abdaly where her family were spending the weekend. Three other family members were injured and taken to Jahra Hospital. Meanwhile, a fireman suffered a fractured hand during the rescue operation. A case was filed for investigations.

Injuries in house fire

Firemen from the Farwaniya and Sabhan fire stations tackled a blaze that hit an Arab-style house of three floors. Thirty persons were evacuated from the building before firemen battled the fire which started in the ground floor and spread upwards. Firemen faced difficulties due to furniture and wood that were randomly stored in the ground floor, while some cooking gas cylinders that were kept in the hallways exploded. Three persons suffered burns, while another suffered smoke inhalation, and they were all taken to hospital.

Smuggling foiled

Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport foiled a passenger’s attempt to smuggle 3.7 kg of Marijuana. The Asian man placed the illicit substances in a box, but officers were able to discover them. The suspect and substances were sent to concerned authorities.

Man hands over drunk brother to police

A citizen handed his brother to police after he went on a drunken rampage. The citizen, who took his brother to Jahra police station, said he often returns home drunk, attacks his family members and destroys furniture. He was charged with drunkenness and causing damage.

Jleeb fight
Five citizens engaged in a fight in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh due to previous disputes between them. Three of those involved ganged up against the other two. Passersby called police, and all were controlled and taken to hospital. They later exchanged charges at the police station. Investigations are underway.

Cross-dresser arrested
A cross-dresser was arrested in Hawally. The suspect, a Kuwaiti male in his 20s, was found in an abnormal condition, while wearing women’s clothes and makeup. He also had a substance that police subject to be drugs.

Bootlegger caught
An Indian was found selling liquor out of his sponsor’s house in Sabahiya. The citizen noticed a lot of movement by his Indian driver, besides cars of strangers coming to the house. The driver sometimes left with them, and every time he asked, the answer was “sadeeq” (friend), so the citizen called the police. Officers entered the Indian’s room and were surprised to find a carton of liquor bottles. The Indian was arrested as he was found selling liquor without the knowledge of his sponsor. Legal action is being taken against him.

Under the influence
Ahmadi police arrested a citizen who left his car ahead of a checkpoint and ran away on foot, before being found under the influence of drugs with four rolls of heroin. Police found he is wanted for entering a house with the intention of theft. He was sent along with the drugs to the Drugs Control General Department.

Sheep stolen
Thieves stole 26 sheep from the farm of a citizen in Rahaya desert after threatening the shepherd with a knife. The sponsor accused the shepherd of collusion with the thieves and demanded he be questioned.

Heavy rain hits Kuwait; scattered showers predicted for today

Heavy rain hit Kuwait yesterday after a long period of drought as the country was affected by south easterly winds with speed that reached as high as 42 km/h. Nearly 7mm of rain were recorded around the country, while a chance of scattered rain is also predicted for today according to the Meteorological Department of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The Ministry of Interior released a statement meanwhile urging motorists to be cautious on the roads due to the rainy weather, saying that drivers must ensure that their vehicles remain reasonably apart, keep the lights on, adhere to all traffic regulations and call without hesitance the emergency room at 112 if accidents occur.

The maximum temperature yesterday reached 23 C degrees while the minimum was 15 C, whereas today’s maximum temperature is predicted to reach 24 C and the minimum could drop to 11 C.

* Photos by Joseph Shagra and Fouad Al-Shaikh

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