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Dubai beach fireworks show to celebrate Kuwait National Day

Dubai beach fireworks show to celebrate Kuwait National Day

An array of exciting events and activities will be held in Dubai to celebrate the National Day of the State of Kuwait that falls on  February 25.

The line-up of events for this special occasion reflects the strong and fraternal relations between the UAE and Kuwait and the peoples of both countries.

The celebrations on February 24 and 25, marking Kuwait’s National Day, will provide families with exciting entertainment options including concerts featuring Miami Band from Kuwait and singer Bader AlShaibi.

There will also be the opportunity to enjoy performances from traditional bands and unique culinary experiences dished out by top Kuwaiti chef, Chef Jameela Al Lenqawi, and a firework show at the beach to round off the evening.

9-year-old with heart condition dies after teacher’s scolding

A fourth-grade Kuwaiti boy’s death in Kuwait has created an outcry on social media this week.

They claim that nine-year-old Eissa Thamer Al Blooshi, a heart patient, suffered ill-treatment by his Egyptian teacher in front of the class, as reported by Al Watan.

According to media reports, the child was alleged refused to leave the classroom and call his parents.

Ashamed after being scolded in front of the whole class, the child spent the whole day crying. He was later admitted to the hospital where he drew his final breath.

Tweets from outraged citizens launched the hashtags #Eissa_Alblooshi and #Kuluna_Eissa_Alblooshi trying to get the Ministry to spur an investigation into his untimely death.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education responded with a formal statement that read: “The Education Ministry formally condoles the family of the student Eissa Thamer Al Blooshi, a former student of Amr Bin Al ‘As Primary School in Al Rawdha, near the capital, who died on Monday.”

The ministry also agreed to investigate the death of the child.

Some Twitter users intimated that Eissa had just recovered from a recent heart surgery.

One user mentioned that he had been requesting permission from the teacher to leave the class and call his parents but she had refused.