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Does the blind see in his dreams? .. shocking answer

Does the blind see in his dreams? .. shocking answer

Is the sense of sight is one of the most important senses that God blessed the Almighty to  man  them, where it is difficult to live without vision and reflect on the forms of people and things around us, but there are many people who have been deprived of the sense of sight and have been blind as a result of a lot of different reasons, usually the person who can not see or lose his eyesight after several years have been able to know people and see shapes on the passage of nature, but people who are blind from an early age, especially in the first five years of age is difficult for them to remember a lot of information about the forms of individuals and objects surrounding.


Blind person sees in his dreams like a normal person: –

Many of us wonder whether the injured person is blind can see anything in his dreams, such as persons or forms or animals, as it is not really known forms of these things because it has not seen before, but many of the studies and research that took place on some of the blind have proven already that they dreaming in Mnamanm but they are unable to interpret the forms in which they dreamed until they are in their dreams can not find a final picture of the people and things, and do not remember people deprived of their sense of sight most of their dreams because they are a completely free of all visual effects images, and are most of the dreams of people infected blindness Ahh Or Agelbha audio only, because voice and speech is the only way the blind person with all of those who live around it and that voice is to be mostly in their dreams.

These dreams and the taint of some fantasies that rely on the voice of the person who dreamed or thing through him to hear his voice constantly in fact, and this makes the dreams of blind people free of appearances or images, but can be interpreted as a fiction only parameters are not clear to people, places and things also .