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killers stories : Doctors, nurses and thugs

killers stories : Doctors, nurses and thugs

Some serial killers have not prosecuted their victims did not Itardoa their goals have not lured prey .. but they found them sick and helpless in front of them, lying on the harm in their hands asking attention and care Fmnhohm the hands of treachery and killed them and they are not helpless to resist or defend themselves, and some of the victims were asleep or absent in a deep slumber and started those doctors and nurses slept Srmdia and killed them without a drop of blood and a bullet weapon does not stab a dagger and blow ax, killed them without leaving behind an impact that grew Azhagahm lives and uncover the guise of a number of them, how ya see those and they did not violate the Star E did not disclose the medical mask and did not expose his crimes after.

Doctor Death

Michael Swaungu Michael Swango American doctor practiced medicine in several hospitals and medical clinics in Washington, New York and Colorado between 1981-1997, and in the hospital Ohio University noticed the nurses working there that healthy patients in the wing Swaungu operates deteriorating health conditions, including not making them under control until die after a while, Vartab everyone in his command, and later turn Swaungu to work in the emergency department at the Faculty of Medicine at Ahlenius, the increasing number of deaths and hovered around the suspicions until the killing of members of the ambulance team name arsenic was arrested and confessed to killing only four people, but that the statistics confirm that he killed no At least 60 people Of patients and colleagues in 16 years.

In 2000, he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, currently languishing in prison in Florence, Colorado.

Doctor criminal

Maxim Vladimirovich Petrov Maxim Petrov doctor Rossi work in the emergency department of a health center in St Petersburg in 1997, and from February 2, 1999 targeted patients by lethal injection in their homes and then robbed, usually in the morning when the family members at work. It measures the blood pressure and suggests they need to inject drugs and after the loss of consciousness steals their property and their jewelry and Oaqrathm, and some of the victims did not die but have awakened later after leaving the place, then the way Petroff changed in the killing using a combination of different drugs to inject the victims instead of the drug and then shoots on their homes to mislead and camouflage as assault or theft incidents.

47 Petrov commits a robbery until his arrest in 2000 and is suspected of having killed up to 19 people were found on various stolen property from the victims in his apartment, and in 2002 the court merely convicted of 12 murder to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Doctor Ripper

Harold Shipman, a British doctor Harold Shipman, what doctors led the Department in 1975 and only breaks the department! , It is a doctor with a white robe was determined to pay his patients to get white Bulkipn and move to the final resting place in their world.

They say that the psychological complex was stable in the depths since he grew up in the age of boyhood, where his mother was authoritarian and was treated his father, the poor brutally without deterred lost father was non-existent personal and subject all her submission, Vetoldt in the same boy is nothing wrong of women in general and some of the men who may have been class of the weak father.

The doctor was killer Shipman injected his patients a high dose of anesthetic and morphine misrepresents medical record for patients that they were in a very critical situation, and was the falsification of the commandments of his patients to seize their inheritance.

In 2000, showed lawyer Angela Woodruff doubts about her mother’s death after the doctor Chipman her room under the pretext that the patient needs to analyze blood and was dead after leaving the room introduced lawyer a complaint against him after the forgery intestate and her mother with regard to inheritance, and was arrested to begin the series of exposure of his crimes diagnosis 15 deaths in that year, the impact of morphine, and a review of medical records for cases of Ashraf in previous years has been reached to 215 deaths from the impact of higher anesthesia by injecting morphine from his hands Alatmtin, reaching a count of his victims during the 18 years of his career in the medication of 250 patients of whom 44 M Male and Arba rest were women.

They say that Shipman was injured Baladzgansa and that his marriages did not work, and do not know whether the cause of the impact of those psychological node or other, and perhaps this or that may make it not hatred for women, either to avenge the image of cruel mother or revenge, sexual or weakness for both together, as most of the victims were overwhelmingly female.

Showed examination conducted for Chipman integrity, mental and psychological, not a doctor killer Shipman showed remorse and sorrow for the victims and did not give a reason for clarification about the motivation that his leg to the serial killings of patients did not sympathize with him one until his lawyer did not ask him clemency to commute the sentence, and ended up committing suicide by hanging himself in prison in 2004.

Nurse killer

Charles Cullen Charles Cullen nurse graduated in 1987 and began working in the cardiac intensive care at the Medical Center Hunterdon in Flemington for 3 years and then he was elected as director of nursing and got a job in the burn unit at the Medical Center of St. Barnabas in Livingston, New Jersey, and began to kill patients overdose of insulin left in January 1992, when authorities began investigating the hospital, and one month later, Colin took a job at Warren hospital in Filipsporj, New Jersey continued to kill patients overdose of heart medication digoxin.

During February 1998, contracted by Colin Nursing in Rehabilitation Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he worked in certified patients ward on the ventilator and accused Colin giving patients drugs sometimes were not planned, and was expelled from the hospital and then worked at Easton Hospital in Pennsylvania in November 1998 . On 30 of the same year Colin also took over the job in the burn unit at the hospital and the Lehigh Valley in Allentown, and in March 1999 he got a job in the cardiac care Bmhvy St. Luke in Pennsylvania and continued criminal activity in each hospital which degrades globetrotter.

In June 2002, seven of his colleagues brought to the prosecutor in the province to doubts about Colin that he had used drugs to kill patients and dropped the case after nine months for lack of evidence was excluded from the hospital.

In September 2002, Colin began working in the intensive care unit Medical Center in Somerset, New Jersey and continue injecting patients overdose of insulin and digoxin and adrenaline and insulin, and when a patient died from a decrease in the proportion of blood sugar in October 2003 alerted the medical center, state authorities and dismissed from the hospital in 31 October 2003 Cullen was arrested on December 12, 2003 on charges of murder and attempted murder and confessed Colin of killing 13 patients and at least 40 patients in a former hospital, and authorities continued the investigation into his involvement in others killed, and revealed past suspicions of his involvement in the deaths the previous Palmchava, and in July 2005 rule Li Cullen to life imprisonment.

Colin claimed that patients injected overdoses to end their suffering and he does not remember specifically names, but remembers the details of their cases, and claimed to Colin that he did not hurt anyone during the first two years of his first work in the medical center Hunterdon, but the hospital records for that time period from the late eighties calendar destroyed by the time who was arrested, experts believe that the number of victims up to 400 victims and can not be diagnosed accurately the number of cases due to lack of records of some of them making Colin more prolific serial killers in the serial killings in the United States.

Doctor of crimes against humanity

Josef Mengele Josef Mengele German doctor Nazi was working in the torture camps for men, women and children, and carried out horrific medical experiments at the Auschwitz Nazi, including the status of detainees and prisoners in the pressure test drugs on them rooms, operations Castration and freezing to death, and blood transfusions from one to another, and injection operations with lethal germs, and sex change operations, and the removal of organs and limbs.

Children are also subjected to experimental surgery without anesthesia was injected children’s eyes with chemicals in an attempt to change the color of their eyes, also conducted Mengele medical experiments on twins, and ends up usually kill the children after the experiment ends with chloroform and then their bodies are dissected.

The doctor pesticide

Japanese doctor Miyuki Ishikawa Miyuki Ishikawa birth Bmhvy Kotobuque for maternity and childbirth in Tokyo which were filled with children newborn department who decided their mothers to get rid of them and infants from poor families abandoned by their inability to take care of them for lack of money, and was prohibited abortion in Japan at the time Vtkds births in the hospital .

The doctor Miyuki became director of the hospital, and when he saw the lack of resources and humility, hospital services and lack of charitable donations paid himself sick to kill each other and the neglect of others to die as a result of the deprivation of food and medicine, and pay that most workers serial killings in the hospital to provide Astqalathn, and those crimes were in the forties of the calendar the time of the second World war in which Japan has engaged in a brutal war crimes.

The doctor was Miyuki falsifying death certificates with the help of another doctor and his wife, and in 1948 he found two of the men Tokyo police bodies of five infants, and after autopsies appeared that their deaths were criminal Vtm arrested the doctor Miyuki.

The number of victims they were 103 births and a child, and after further investigations, police found more than 40 bodies in a house and then discovered thirty bodies in the temple, bringing the number of victims 169 victims, and the large number of bodies decomposed and the length of the period during which occurred killings make the count of victims is is very hardship and hardship accurately.

Tokyo court accused insisted his defense that the parents are responsible for the death of their children, was sentenced to Miyuki Ichikawa was sentenced to eight years and the sentence was commuted to four years later, sparking debate about the reduced penalty won by the largest serial murderer in the history of Japan.

Miyuki was married and did not Ichikawa children alive, and here can study the psychology that disregarded the lives of children in retaliation for the denial of paternity, and his case was the main reason why the Japanese government to reconsider the legalization of abortion in Japan because of the increasing number of unwanted children

Hospital massacres

Philadelphia Medical Women’s Association there was an abortion clinic, accusing the owner of Dr. Kermit Jusnal Kermit Gosnell that during abortions the killing of infants and fetuses after birth alive with scissors significantly hurts the neck from behind to get rid of them after manipulating the machine ultrasound to make the embryos look smaller, and admitted doctor Steven unfortunate Steven Massof that the spine and spinal Alhbail cut more than 100 births after the emergence of signs of life, which they classify this act of murder of the first degree, and admitted eight clinic employees plead guilty to various charges, and the cost of operations 1600 $ – $ 3,000 for each abortion in advanced late in the clinic since 1989.

The investigation lasted for several months by the Philadelphia Police Department and the unity of the State concerned drug for suspected use of prescriptions for illegal drugs and the use of untrained staff, and the use of powerful drugs without medical supervision and control are correct, and the use of the equipment is sterilized and reused on patients abortifacients, poor surgical operations including that physical hole members, also revealed the investigation of the suspicious death of Karnamaya Mongar after a miscarriage in 2009.

Raided the clinic 18 February 2010 under the inspection ordered by investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the state police, and they saw the ugly scenes of crying children and blankets stained with blood, and cats wander in the corridors of the clinic that smells of urine and waste, contaminated feces of animals and harmful liquids, and the remains of fetuses born and facilities containers and bags.

In 2011 he accused Jusnal defendants in the hospital with eight counts of murder of the first degree, and 24 felony for illegal abortions, and 227 misdemeanor murder, and murder is Alaasrara to Karnamaya Mongar, and in May 2013 after being convicted of a concession Gosnal his right to appeal against the deal required exemption from the death penalty and sentenced him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

PhD war crimes


Shiro Ishii Shiro Ishii surgeon and the world of Japanese neighborhoods studied medicine at Kyoto Imperial University, was commissioned in the Japanese Imperial Army in 1921 as an army surgeon, and in 1922 he was appointed in the Army Hospital and Medical School Army in Tokyo, and in 1925 he was promoted to surgeon army (captain surgeon), and in 1927 engaged in a project to establish a secret program of biological and chemical weapons, and in 1932 the initial experiments began in biological warfare, and in 1936 unit 731 was established in a huge complex that includes more than 150 buildings over six square kilometers in China, the unit is working under the cover of water purification was ICHI is the manager of T. The unit that you were conducting deadly experiments on humans during the Sino-Japanese war broke out in 1937,

In 1938 was promoted Ishii to a surgeon first class (surgeon colonel) In 1940 he was appointed head of the department of biological warfare, then he was promoted to brigade surgeon in the following year, and in 1942 Ishii field tests of germ warfare and different methods began by firearms bombs on Chinese prisoners in the war against civilians in Chinese cities, estimated by some historians that tens of thousands have died as a result of these biological experiments, causing them plague, cholera, anthrax and others, also conducted his unit forced abortions and dissect people processes alive and conducting experiments Alvesaol Wagih on humans that resulted in strokes, heart attacks and lower body temperature, more than ten thousand people have been killed Ishii, and became Ishii Head of the Department of Medicine from 1942 to 1945 during World War II,

Was detained by US forces after the war ended, while the Soviet Union sees his trial on those crimes held the United States deal with Ishii requires granting immunity from prosecution for war crimes in exchange for full disclosure of data testing and biological weapons, Ishi died of throat cancer in 1959.

Nazi doctor

Carl Clauberg Carl Clauberg German physician and chief gynecologists joined the Nazi Party in 1933, and in December 1942 Clauberg moved to the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz and conducted medical experiments on human beings (especially Jews) using X-ray and the research on fertility hormones in women (especially hormone progesterone) to find an easy way to infect women infertile, and died because of his experiences and his tests about 700 prisoners of war and civilians.

Arrested him by Soviet forces after the defeat of the Nazis in 1945 and was brought to trial in 1948 and sentenced to 25 years and was released in less than half of the time in 1955, and returned to West Germany was accepted in the former clinic which he graduated majoring in gynecology based on scientific abilities before the war, following a public outcry from the families of the victims and a group of survivors was arrested Clauberg and died in prison from a heart attack in 1957 before the start of his trial.

Reckless spirits

Walter Freeman, Walter Freeman neurologist and taught psychiatry graduated from Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania Medical, conducted 3400 process for those who suffer from the disorder of the nervous system or mental illness and that punctured the skull and use of a vase of ice cubes from the kitchen through the back of the eye socket down to the brain without technology or surgical training, and conducted those operations in 23 US states spent on the lives of hundreds of people from mid-1930 to mid-1960, equivalent to 14 per cent of the number of such operations, although those who underwent operations were healthy and did not suffer from organic disease.

In February 1967, the operation carried out on a housewife Helen Mortensen died from bleeding in the brain Vtm stripped of his license, and Freeman died of cancer in 1972.

Nurse poisoner

Donald Harvey, Donald Harvey began his career in 1970 Bmhvy Marymount in Kentucky and then worked as a nurse in Cincinnati Hospital, Ohio until he was arrested in 1987 for killing 37 patients, according to official estimates of the number of victims between 37 and 57 victims, and admitted that the total victims of 87 patients killed by means of in the name of many of them injected with arsenic, cyanide and morphine through food and injection, and the dissemination of hepatitis B and turn off the fans and the introduction of coat hanger into the catheter, causing abdominal puncture, as well as the separation of industrial oxygen for patients.

Harvey claimed he was doing it to relieve pain or to rid patients of their suffering and claimed that he felt sympathy with the suffering of those terminally ill but his claims about the motives were false because he killed other people not sick, a man named Karl wheeler Btzmamh arsenic in food have been killed and caused in Diane Alexander disease by hepatitis virus in her drink mode, Helen Metzger and killed by putting arsenic in a pie before you eat.

He was sentenced to life in prison in Toledo, Ohio, and in March 2017 hit 30 Donald Harvey in his cell to death guards and found his body the next morning covered in blood, and did not know his killer

Nurse killer elderly

Stephan L Stephan Letter Nurse German responsible for the deaths of at least 29 patients while working at the hospital in Sonthoven Bavaria, and was treated for a large number of older people while working from January 2003 to July 2004 fell more than 80 deaths in less the, and gave an injection suitable for a soldier was lightly injured from his fall was on the impact of consciousness, and extracted officials the bodies of 42 patients, while 38 others were burned, and Pat liters a suspect after he learned officials that a large amount of drugs including muscle relaxants have been lost from the hospital were found medicine vial is sealed in a flat liter.

In February 2006 was referred to trial on the death of 29 patients, admitted operations other killings but insisted that he acted out of sympathy and the desire to end the suffering of the patients, and noted the public prosecutor that the liter is not dedicated nurse for some patients and that some of the patients were in a stable condition and was scheduled to exit of the hospital.

In November 2006, Stefan Liter guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment found.

Doctor toxins

Frederick Morse, an Austrian doctor Frederick Mors emigrated to the United States in 1914 and worked in a nursing home in New York City September 1914 to January 1915, during which eight elderly patients were killed Btzmamanm and arsenic Chloroform. After his arrest claimed that he did it to get out of misery, was diagnosed with Morse was diagnosed with paranoid and rejected the prosecutor’s trial Morse and placed in a hospital state of the Hudson River awaiting deportation to Austria, but Morse escaped from detention in May 1916 and did not know his fate.

Nurse toxins

Anders Hanson Anders Hansson nurse in Malmo Ostra Hospital in Sweden, made between October 1978 to January 1979 poisoning the elderly in the care section of patients by working in an orderly manner hours of drugs Geevisol and Aiviesol and the number of victims to 27 patients, and 15 patients with others who were victims of attempted murder, In August 1979 he was sentenced to a psychiatric clinic checking Hanson closed where it remains to this day.

Dr. Devil


Marcel Andre Henry Felix known as Marcel Betyawt Marcel Petiot French doctor serial killer was during World War I had volunteered for the French Army and entered service in January 1916 hit by gas in the battle and suffered mental collapse and was sent to rest homes, and was arrested on charges of stealing blankets and supplies army, wallets and pictures Messages and sentenced to prison in Orleans, and a person hospital psychiatric condition of mental illness, but returned to the front in June 1918 and then was referred to retirement.

After the war education program entered in the College of dedicated medicine for veterans and completed the study in eight months and became a trainee in the hospital for mental illness and received a medical degree in December 1921 he moved to Villeneuve (sur-Lyon) and received a suspicious reputation after a questionable medical practices such as drug supply, abortion, though he took civilian positions.

On March 11, 1944 during World War II and the Nazi occupation of France complained neighbors Dr. Betyawt street me Soyor police of a foul odor in the area, mounting large smoke amounts of chimney house police she called the firefighters who entered the house and found flames scattered around the coal stove in the basement devour human remains of patients who were injected with the name cyanide, was tried and executed by Marcel Betyawt guillotined on May 25, 1946.

Nurse Injector

Ornfein Nesi Arnfinn Nesset nurse Norwegian, in 1977 he was appointed director of the nursing home in the municipality of Ourkdal, and in 1981 was detected a series of suspicious deaths and questioned by police admitted murdering 27 patients by injecting chloride Soxamathonaom a drug muscle relaxant but later dropped from his confession He denied all the charges during his trial.

Convicted Nesi on March 18, 1983 poisoning 22 patients Soxamathonaom chloride, and convicted in a large number of killings, including the failed attempts totaled 138 patients with its dead.

And was also convicted of falsifying documents and thefts, and sentenced to 21 years, a maximum sentence of imprisonment in Norwegian law at the time, followed by ten years of preventive detention, however, was released in 2004 after spending time without detention precaution so for good behavior, live Ornfein Nesi now in an undisclosed location under a pseudonym.

Nurse lethal needles


Peter Zelenka Petr Zelenka nurse in the Czech Havlickuv Brod southeast of Prague, killing seven patients by lethal injections of heparin in large doses, causing them to internal bleeding, and tried to kill 10 others between May and December 2006, but survived the grip

Was arrested in February 2008 and convicted of killing seven patients and attempting to kill 10 others, and suspected that the number of crimes up to 14 additional murder, sentenced to life imprisonment.

Nurse lethal injection

Orville Lynn Majors Orville Lynn Majors US nurse in Indiana elderly patients were killed by injecting potassium chloride, the suspicion began when the multiplication of the number of deaths in the hospital, police began and prosecutors launched a criminal investigation led to the detention and interrogation of all disciplines even catch the Majors in December 1997, and is believed to be killed up to 130 patients between 1993 and 1995, a period of time in which the work of hospitalization, and reported that the killing of patients who were complaining or Alamadavin to schedule his work, some witnesses testified that he hated the elderly, was sentenced to life imprisonment and died on September 24, 2017 following a crisis heart attack.

Nurse to finish off

Afrn Zaldívar Efren Saldivar nurse handler respiratory medical center Glendale in Hollywood, he from 1989 to kill his patients by injecting morphine Alsaksamathonaom chloride and injection of muscle relaxants which led to respiratory failure or heart was found in his closet new injection claimed the lives of more patients .

Ended his medical on March 13, 1998, police opened an investigation into the suspicious deaths and exhumed the bodies of six patients who died while working on their cases and the result showed that the death was a criminal was arrested Zaldívar on January 10, 2001, and admitted guilt was not the police be able to count the number of victims over his nursing but polls supports access number to 120 victims, was sentenced Zaldívar to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Butcher nurse

Edson Isidoro Guimaraes Edson Izidoro Guimaraes Brazilian nurse worked at Salgado Filho Hospital in Mayer Rio de Janeiro area, in 1999 increased the number of deaths Wiczaidt with suspicion, were arrested Guimaraes when he saw the hospital porter fills a syringe chloride and potassium is injected into the patient entered into a coma and died on the effect of the injection, the police informed the admitted Guimaraes five murders, and said before his trial: (I do not regret what I did), and claimed that he did so for AIDS patients who do not heal them and those who are in complete coma and their families suffer from their situation, and is believed to have killed up to 131 patients between 1 January and May 4, 1999 chloride Albota Day or the removal of oxygen masks, and believed that the killing was money with regard to the arrangements for the funeral defended.

On February 21 2000 the court merely convicted in the deaths of four patients and sentenced to 76 years.

Killer nurse

Richard Angelo Richard Angelo US nurse entered the nursing program for two years at the College of Farmingdale, and in October 1987, suspected him by the injection of a patient in a hospital in Long Island with a drug and Sam saved the patient from death.

Was arrested Angelo on charges of assault on the patient because he was the only one who matched the descriptions with descriptions made by the sick person (man stocky with a dark beard and glasses) and admitted Angelou poisoning other patients, and extracted the remains of 35 patients who died recently in seven months, a period that where the work of the hospital Angelo, and after examining the effects of toxins show that their deaths were criminal, Angelo said he waited until afflicted with cardiac arrest and claimed that was motivated by a sense of himself as a hero after poisoning victims. On January 25, 1990 sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Nurse killer of children

Abraão Jose Bueno Abraao Jose Bueno Brazilian nurse at the Institute of the University Federation in Rio de Janeiro, he worked in the children’s ward in 2005 and during the one-month injection of children aged between three years and ten years, overdose of sedatives, which led to stop breathing, and is believed to be targeted up to fifteen children to show himself that he first noticed a health problem for the child and thus earn the respect and admiration of management and colleagues in the hospital.

He arrested Bueno in November 2005, and May 15, 2008 was convicted of four murders, among other crimes, and four charges of attempted murder, and sentenced to 110 years.

Killer of fetuses and infants

Felicitas Sanchez Ojoalon Felicitas Sanchez Aguillon nurse Mexican in Mexico City, began in 1900 the practice of abortion and illegal adoptions and the killing of newborn children when abortion fails so Baltzmam or asphyxia and then burned or thrown into the sewer, and attributed them between 40 and 50 murders, and in 8 April 1941 was discovered human remains near its own building Sanchez and detained with two of its partners and committed suicide Sanchez before her trial in the same year.

Intoxicated women

Robert George Clements Robert George Clements British doctor of the Royal College of Surgeons graduate in Belfast, in Northern Ireland, died 3 women Btzmamhn injection of morphine under his care, and is suspected of having killed his fourth wife, also in the hospital.

When the police came to arrest Clements found a suicide overdose of morphine may leave a note as follows: (for those interested, I can no longer bear the satanic curses that have been recently).

Fake doctor

Is polyaniline doctor Hu Wanlin Chinese herbs in the city of Mianyang, Sichuan Province prison in 1980 on charges of murder, as well as the monument and the kidnapping and trafficking of women, he began medical practice while he was in prison in 1993 and released in 1997.

March the medical profession illegally in the northern Shanxi Province and was arrested on January 18, 1999 on charges of Shangqiu causing nearly 150 deaths, and in October 2000 convicted of 1 to practice medicine without a license and sentenced to 15 years in prison and a fine large.

Killer of patients to kill boredom


Niels Huggel Niels Hogl nurse German work of the nursing profession in one hospital in 1999, and in 2005 revealed one of the nurses, which is injected into patients with a drug without a prescription, he was arrested and brought to trial and was sentenced in 2008, sentenced to seven and a half years on charges of attempted murder.

In 2015 the investigation revealed the murder of two patients, and the number reached six patients and admitted killing 30 others and the police investigation attributed to him between 84 to 90 deaths, with 41 others still as are under investigation, and those crimes were sufficient sentenced to life imprisonment, and admitted the nurse Huggel he finished off the victims and injecting toxic excess doses of drugs and apologized to the relatives of his victims, stressing that the motive was feeling bored.


In conclusion, it recorded a unique case in the killing of the sick and elderly issues as not by a doctor or nurse, but carried out by the Spanish security guard named Juan Villa Dallen Joan Vila Dilme work in Dar es medical Acaritat to take care of the elderly in Oolot Gerona Province in Spain, where he used since the month of August 2009 bleach solution and materials caustic and lethal doses of insulin and a mixture of other drugs to finish off the elderly patients, and forced one of the elderly to drink means of removing sediment and caused her such act severe pain led to her death, and was the daughter of her brother had found the left cheek of her aunt Msauda from the effects of burns her eyes Sodawan The Mahrouktan, the doctors informed the police after they examined the burns in the mouth and throat women Vtm arrested Juan Villa on October 18, 2010, and admitted that he killed the elderly.

Issued a court order exhumed the graves of 11 victims of potential suffered suspicious deaths and admitted Joan Villa that he killed them to end their suffering as he claimed, and it was said that most of the patients were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or fever, defense lawyer said that his client Villa suffered psychological problems Vodath the court in the ward of mental illness in prison but the jury found no grounds for commutation of sentence was promulgated sentencing on June 20, 2013 to life imprisonment.