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Death experiences

Death experiences

Death experiences

Death experiences
Chinese legend Ptgi the story of a world named and that he lived in the sixteenth century he tried to make a chair ad hoc missile base Ahan flies outer space.

In Chinese legend Ptgi the story of a world named “and that is” affection lived in the sixteenth century tried to manufacture an ad hoc a chair missile base Ahan flies outer space, Bs the experiment failed and burst chair in it, who Ehna We want a say that the mesh that is alone who lost his life Ahan a failed experiment, the fact that the other very much Hnhaol talking about a little of them:

 Ismail Bin Hammad essential

Muslim scholar from Farab Turk from the country’s famous A Dictionary He Asahah in Arabic and died after Mahol flying over a mosque in the city of Nishapur in the period between the year 1002 to 1008, with two wings made of wood and was Berbt including a rope.




In 1772 he tried to invent a French Frmenye breathing apparatus under water, by air circulation inside the barrel used to fill Hawa misfortune Bs was invented Mavhoush possibilities, and ended subject that he died after the device experience 20 minutes.



  Jean-Francois de Rousse Blatter

French chemist and physicist, was renowned in the aviation world, he died and Bs colleague Pierre Romaine 1785 m above the English Channel, when they Baejreboa balloon there, Baattabr Alatnen first countries who died in the crash airships accidents.


  William Pollock

In 1867 he tried to invent the rotary printing machine who worked a revolution in the printing world because of its speed and accuracy unfortunately lost Bs legs, a Bihol fit machine invented and then died after an amputation of his leg process.



  Henry Vlios

English scientist tried in 1876, the invention of a system of breathing in the form of a closed circuit Btaatmla oxygenating CD instead of Hawa faces Anpoptan clinging need uniforms suit, the invention was Ahan fit iron doors in driving ships rooms, and died after he decided that he used at a depth of 30 feet below water affection because of the pure oxygen gas Bathol toxic under pressure.



 Franz Ratchelt

French world of origin was an Austrian tailor engages, he tried over nationally the Eiffel Tower after what he wore a suit in the form of an umbrella was designed, Ahan die after what happened on the ice accumulated beneath the tower in 1912.



  Max Valier

Austrian pioneer rocket engines, worked with a leading Arab industry German Fritz von Opel in the Arab and Tayrat who Ptstkhaddm rocket engines B_igl fuel alcohol liquid and died in 1930 after a rocket engine of what was Baejrebh in Berlin, the German city of explosion.



  Thomas Midgley

De US mechanical engineer had paralysis he tried to invent a machine to help him that he is out of bed which is a particular system and winches with ropes, died in Bs 1944 Smothered between the ropes machine.



  Carl Susik

Canadian scientist famously invented a capsule jumping Games entertainment, survived the first attempt has who has omitted in Niagara Falls, after which the company paid an amount to finance Ahan repeat the experiment Balnt from above the stars Observatory in Houston at the height of 180 feet faces a barrel equipped Ahan walking in an industrial waterfall, Bs died because unfortunately deviated from the barrel who was supposed to Hemca the track.


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